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08 January 2019 — Written by kevin phung
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Hack Reactor — Front End Capstone

As a Hack Reactor student, we are required to team up with our cohort-mates in a project called the Front End Capstone. The project starts during the senior phase of the program, where we join an agile engineering team of four (or three for us) in which each member is responsible for a micro-service component. The design, implementation, and selection of technologies were the responsibility of each respective member of the team.

Our full-stack web application is a mock-up of ESPN.com’s NFL Team Page. I am responsible for rendering and deploying the Team Standings and Navigation Bar component services. Our tech choices are using the MERN stack (Mongo-Express-React-Node) as well as Enzyme-Jest for component testing. Other third-party libraries will be added as our project progresses in the next coming weeks.

Here I will try my best to document any frustrations, hurdles, and wins as our team works hard to ship out this exciting project!